The Phantom Of The Opera at Majestic Theatre

The Phantom Of The Opera Tickets

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Take a seat – we have a very exciting announcement to make! The Phantom Of The Opera will be LIVE at a venue near you in New York City this June!!! At Majestic Theatre on Wednesday 19th June 2019 you can catch them for an event which is certain to get the excitement flowing! If you have seen The Phantom Of The Opera before, this is exactly what youve been waiting for – Tickets are on sale NOW!! If you're new to The Phantom Of The Opera… don't hesitate and get your tickets before it's too late! Anyone can tell you that this is going to be one theatre event that you wont regret going to! How can you not be excited, right?!!!

The Phantom Of The Opera at Majestic Theatre

Critics are already calling the Wednesday 19th June 2019 premiere of The Phantom Of The Opera the can’t-miss show of the year and only Majestic Theatre could possibly offer you this world-class entertainment. Not only is Majestic Theatre one of the supreme venues in New York City New York because of its comfortable atmosphere, it also has a history of discovering and booking some of the best local and national talent around. Fans of the genre or followers of The Phantom Of The Opera are already excited to hear about all the other perks that your ticket offers. With safe and secure parking right around the corner and a bar that offers a wide range of beverage options, you simply can’t go wrong with ordering a ticket to see any show that lands on the Majestic Theatre stage. So if you love the genre and want to see The Phantom Of The Opera perform live on Wednesday 19th June 2019, purchase your tickets today through this website.

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