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It is one of the greatest musicals ever written. The Phantom of the Opera is a classic musical that will surprise you in a variety of ways as you learn about love, empathy, and the proverbial lesson to never look at a book by its cover. The production has everything you could possibly want from a compelling story, including an exemplary cast, a absolutely stunning set with breathtaking scenery, and the best musical score ever composed. Tickets for this epic love story are running low and quickly selling out. Thankfully, there are some available right now for a screening at Majestic Theatre on Wednesday 12th April 2023. Buy them while you still can.

The Phantom Of The Opera at Majestic Theatre

His talent knows no bounds. The man is an outstanding architect, designer, composer, and magician, but because of a disfigurement, he must cover up his face behind a mask. Ostracized by society, they call him the Phantom of the Opera or the Opera Ghost. He takes a promising young soprano, Christine, under his wing and prepares her for operatic stardom, all the while falling deeply in love with her.

The Phantom's heart is broken when Christine agrees to marry her childhood friends, Viscount Raoul de Changy. Christine must decide between her love for Raoul and her unusual attraction to the Phantom. In despair, the Phantom soon turns to a furious, jealous rage, and he terrorizes the opera company with increasingly dangerous threats.

This magnificent plot has never failed to enthrall spectators over the years. Expect to witness The Phantom of the Opera's title song, "Think of Me," "All I Ask of You," "The Music of the Night," and other well-known numbers which will be the highlight of the evening. Every time it appears, this one sells out and so Just keep in mind that tickets for the Majestic Theatre on Wednesday 12th April 2023, will be impossible to get because the fans will buy them all. Buy your tickets right now to ensure a seat.

The Phantom Of The Opera at Majestic Theatre

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